Friday, October 17, 2008

The First Post

We all love blogs, don't we? They're so easy to make. A few clicks on a Web page and you have an open forum to discuss any topic you want. You are publisher, editor and author. Ultimate control!

That's something we often don't get as a writer. If you're in house at a publication or an agency, odds are you're answering to your editor. If you're the top editor, then you're probably answering to your publisher. If you're independent, you're answering to clients. And everybody is answering to an audience.

But a blog is selfish. It's your opportunity to spout off about your views on politics, that Mexican restaurant down the street or your roommate's lack of hygienic knowledge. You don't even have to play to the tastes of an audience because in the world of the Internet, the audience will find you.

However, sometimes, as a writer, it's not a bad idea to actually take this blog thing a little seriously. And although I've birthed countless blog bastards throughout my life, most of them have withered away and died due to a lack of love and affection. And I think the reason being was none of my blogs had a clear-cut goal. They've all been meaningless ramblings about what's going on in my life. They were tickets to ultimate freedom, a world of unbridled writing that didn't have to play to the whims of anybody.

I'm tired of contributing to the overcrowded Internet landfill, which is full of abandoned Web sites and blogs. I want to create something meaningful, something with purpose.

This blog is that. By day I am a technical freelance writer. By night I am a comedian. One is left. The other is right. One is Bruce Banner. The other, the Incredible Hulk. Balancing these two sides of myself is a challenge. But it is possible, and doing it successfully can be very rewarding.

This blog is dedicated to the battle between the left and right sides of the writer's brain, and how it doesn't have to be such a tug-of-war. There can be peace. Even prosperity. You just have to expand your mind.

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