Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

It's Halloween! And I'm not deathly ill anymore! But I feel kind of fat because I've been eating a lot of candy. But it's Halloween! So everyone probably feels fat too. That makes me feel better.

Anywho, because this blog is one part freelance writing advice and one part comedy, I wanted to let you all know that I have completed the short film I've been working on and will post it to the site soon. The movie is near and dear to my heart as I, along with my creative partner, spent about a month on it (writing, acting, filming, directing, editing, etc.). If you like folk music, whiskey and murder, you'll love the flick.

I'm going to the Lincoln Lodge tonight to check out some spooky stand-up and then hopefully party a bit with some people afterward. But all play and no work makes me a poor poor boy. So before the festitivites get into full swing, I should probably get some things done. Actually, I probably should get out of bed first. It's 11 am? Really?


amylillard said...

Ah, All Hallows Eve. It may have started as a pagan holiday, but now it's an excuse for the old belly bloat. :)

Can't wait to see the video - is this the one you were discussing at McQuern's party a few weeks ago? Very psyched. And I love all the key items - folk music, whisky and murder. Score!

Rachel said...

are you under some sort of contractual agreement that prevents you from mentioning your creative partner's (i.e. JOSH CRANK) name? oops.