Friday, November 14, 2008

Where's My Weekend?

I was sick again. Something happened when I was getting better last time, and I regressed. But I'm on meds so I'm getting better.

I'm swamped with work this week. I have three major deadlines looming over me, and it looks like this weekend won't be much of a weekend at all.

A trade off with being a freelancer is that although you set your own hours, sometimes those hours kind of suck. Yeah, I typically pull a 4 to 6-hour workday during the week, but oftentimes that requires me to put some time in on the weekends. I'm fine with doing this. I'd rather have my freetime spread out throughout the week rather than bunched up in two days. But others don't function that way. To each his own.

It also helps that I do my best work on deadline. So I don't mind working on a Saturday or Sunday if my deadline is on a Monday because I know what I produce is going to be solid. Also, it's incentive enough to know that getting an assignment turned in at the end of the weekend will ensure a lighter load throughout the week.

So to all those people that poo poo working on the weekends, remember that while you're sitting in your office watching the clock tick until five, I'm busy going to the gym, buying groceries and folding my laundry. Suckers!

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